Team Psycho Prize Purse

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We are pleased to announce that Team Psycho and the Columbia Threadneedle Investments Boston Triathlon will offer a $3,000 prize purse this year.

For both men and women:

1st = $750

2nd = $500

3rd = $250

The Team Psycho Elite Development Program helps fund the prize purse. The mission of this program is to provide financial and mentoring support for younger athletes dedicated to reaching the highest goals with the sport: namely the ITU World Championships and the Olympics. This prize money is for the Olympic Distance race.

Team Psycho regularly sponsors a few select key races that will encourage the best athletes to attend these races and potentially serve as candidates for the Team Psycho Elite Development Program.  “We want to give back to the sport and assist race directors who have served the triathlon community by helping to promote first-rate events with elite fields,” said Carmen Monks, Team Psycho Board Member.  “We feel that this event is a great match for our team.”