Team Competition
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The only thing more fun than racing the Boston Tri, is doing it as part of a team! So we are offering teams the opportunity to see how they stack up. This is a friendly competition that rewards both speed AND participation, so the more members your team has, the better your chances are of taking home some great awards! Read the guidelines below and sign up today.

Basic rules:
- To qualify as a team, there must be at least ten people representing the organization.
- All members must be associated with the team in the registration database to be included in the competition.
- Only finishers are considered for points.
- There are three separate awards categories. Each category will recognize the top three teams in each.
- Gender breakdown does not make a difference.

Category 1: Overall participation
The three teams with the highest level of participation (i.e. most finishers) will win.

Category 2: Top performance
This is scored like a cross-country race, where only the top six people on each team get points. Athletes are ranked based on how the finished in their age groups. The top three teams with the best combined performances will win.

Category 3: Combination
This will award points for both fast racers and overall number of participants. It will be scored similar to the USAT Club Championship system, where teams received points for the six fastest members, as well as for the total number of finishers. Teams that have the fastest times and the most participants will win.

How to register – To sign up for the team challenge, you should fill out the individual entry form online. When you are asked for the team you are racing with, select your organization from the drop down menu. If it is not listed, you may add it to the list and then select it.

If you have already signed up for the Tri and would like to associate yourself with a team, please click here and edit your registration.