Kids Day

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Saturday, August 1st is Kid’s Day at the Boston Triathlon! We are excited to host the fourth annual Boston Triathlon  SPLASH & DASH and the Kid’s Fun Run. The SPLASH & DASH will consist of a swim followed by a run and will offer four different age groups:

Ages 7-8 and Ages 9-10: Swim 100 yards, Run 1K (timed)

Ages 11-12: Swim 200 yards, Run 2K (timed)

Ages 13-15: Swim 200 yards, Run 2K (timed)

The swimming will take place along the beach near the McCormack Bathhouse and will be in shallow water. The run will be on the Harborwalk and around Mother’s Rest Field.

The untimed fun run is for any kid under the age of 6 and is untimed.

    Kids Day Schedule

      2:30pm: Registration/Expo Opens
      3:00pm-3:30pm: Kids Transition Set Up
      3:30pm: Kids Splash & Dash Mandatory Meeting (located at Kids Transition, adjacent to Finish line)
      3:35pm: Kid Fun Run
      3:45pm: 7-8 Splash & Dash
      3:55pm: 9-10 Splash & Dash
      4:05pm: 11-12 Splash & Dash
      4:15pm: 13-15 Splash & Dash
      4:45pm Kids Awards on stage in Expo

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