Course Map
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We are THRILLED to announce a new and improved FINISH LINE area that will now be adjacent to the Transition Area. This has been a number of years in the making, and we are confident that it will allow for the simplest logistics possible. And never fear – the BEER GARDEN will be right next door as well!

The rest of the course will remain the same (there is a slight modification at the bike turn-around at Bayside).

Benefits of the new layout:

- Start, TA, Finish, Registration, Parking, and Post-Race Area will all be in the same spot.

- No more walking a mile back from the Finish Line or waiting for a shuttle

- Great vendor expo area on Saturday and Sunday (something we’ve never been able to do)

- Fantastic spectator viewing area – they can watch the swim, bike, run, and finish, without having to move!

- No more finishing on SAND!

- Spectacular finish line backdrop with the Boston city skyline behind you (i.e. Amazing Photo Op!)

These are just a few of the reasons why we are pumped to have this new layout. Thanks to DCR for working on this with us!