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There will be packet pickup from 3pm until 6pm at Mother’s Rest Field (next to Transition). Parking is available next to the Boston Teacher’s Union Lot, which you can access from Day Blvd. As you enter the parking area, please go to the right.

Transition will not be open until Sunday. All timing chips will be distributed on race morning at the entrance to the TA.


Packet Pickup will be from 6:00 a.m. until 7:30 a.m. The Transition Area will be open at this time. All athletes, including relay members, must attend the pre-race meeting at the Swim Start (McCormack Bathhouse). Relay members will then be able to return to the bike rack to wait for the chip handoff (it is not far away).

There is a mandatory meeting at 7:50 a.m. at the Swim Start.

The first wave goes off at 8:00 A.M. Waves will be approximately 5 minutes apart. The breakdown of the waves will be posted at packet pickup.

Swim (.5 miles)
A point-to-point course in Dorchester Bay that begins on the beach near the McCormack Bathhouse and follows a trapezoidal course the finish on the beach near the Bayside Expo Center. Wetsuits are recommended. Athletes should plan to walk approximately 1/4 mile along Carson Beach to the Swim Start. The walk is mostly on trails and sand, so shoes are not needed.

In the event of poor swim conditions, Race Management and the Department of Conservation and Recreation reserve the right to shorten, alter or eliminate the swim course.

The Transition Area
The Transition Area will be located in the grassy field, referred to as Mother’s Rest. It will be a flow-through design, where athletes enter at one end and exit at the other. Athletes will be assigned a rack space that allows plenty of room for gear. The Transition Area will be secure and monitored, and only athletes, volunteers, and staff will be allowed inside. Athletes can retrieve their gear once all of the bikes have returned from the course.

Bike (9 miles)
The course is two loops on William Day Blvd, from Bayside Expo Center to the turn-around at Farragut Statue (East Broadway) and back.

Cyclists leave the Transition Area, follow a course through the Bayside parking lot before heading out on to William Day Blvd, and going around the Farragut statue. They will then proceed back along Day Blvd. to Bayside and do a small loop around the Teacher’s Union Lot. Bikers complete this same loop a second time before finishing at the TA at Bayside.

The entire bike course will be closed to vehicular traffic and managed by police and volunteers. There may be pedestrians that try to cross the road at unauthorized locations, so please be alert and aware of this potential situation, especially in the middle part of the course (near L Street).

Bike traffic will be two-way and will utilize all of William Day Blvd. All vehicles will be removed from the course prior to the start of the race.

Bikes will go all the way around the Farragut statue, following the cones.

Drafting is not allowed in this triathlon, and there will be officials on course monitoring cyclists. Any athlete caught drafting will be subject to time penalties. Day Blvd is wide enough to allow for safe passing on the left. Athletes must stay as far to the right as possible while on the bike unless they are overtaking another competitor.

Run (4.4 miles)
The course is a point-to-point route that follows William Day Blvd to the Sugar Bowl, then goes part way around the Pleasure Bay Path before turning around and returning along Day Blvd.

Runners leave the TA at Bayside, run down William Day Blvd to the turnaround at the Farragut Statue, follow an out-and-back on the Pleasure Bay Path, to the turnaround at Head Island Causeway (or “Sugarbowl”). Runners then return down Day Blvd. and finish back at Mother’s Rest, next to the Transition Area.

Runners will stay to the outside of the bikes along William Day Blvd. Bikes and runners will be separated by cones.

Runners will keep to the left side within the runner lane.

The finish line will be located along the beach at Mother’s Rest, next to the Transition Area. 

There will be water/aid stations approximately every mile with water and electrolyte replacement drink. There is a Clif Shot station immediately upon leaving the TA on the run.

Please note - the road closure is permitted by DCR and the State Police and is allowed only for a specific time. If an athlete falls far behind the rest of the field during the run and risks delaying the opening of the roadway, he or she will be required to move onto the sidewalk to complete the race.