Our Charitable Partner

The content that follows was originally published on the Boston Triathlon website at http://www.bostontri.com/about/our-charitable-partner/

Boston Medical Center is an extraordinary community of health care providers devoted to the proposition that every person, regardless of his or her social or economic circumstances, deserves the best health care. BMC’s mission is simple: to provide exceptional care, without exception.

The Cancer Center at Boston Medical Center uses a team approach that places patients first.  Our multispecialty team approach to diagnosis, treatment and follow-up ensures that most up-to-date options and recommendations are offered to patients in a timely and coordinated way.

The most important factor is early detection. Money raised through the Boston Triathlon will be dedicated towards cancer screenings in Boston and the surrounding communities.  T

We are proud to partner with the Boston Medical Center.

To learn more about how you or your company can contribute please contact Michael O’Neil.