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From the first moment we saw the South Boston shoreline, we knew that it was the perfect venue for a triathlon. Over the last three years, we have worked closely with DCR, the State Police, the City of Boston, and UMass Boston to develop a truly special event -The Boston Triathlon. Late in 2012 ethos join the team and we are confident that The Boston Triathlon will become a perennial favorite of athletes far and wide, as it offers a fantastic race experience in one of the great cities of the world.

As a participant in The Boston Triathlon, you will swim in the clean, warm waters of Dorchester Bay, bike on flat, car-free Day Boulevard, and run along the shore to Pleasure Bay. The finish is on the beach, in one of the most stunning locations imaginable. Following the race, you can celebrate with friends and family at an new and improved post-race party! The course is spectator-friendly and easy to get to. Logistics are a breeze, parking is plentiful, and the vibe is awesome.

The Boston Triathlon captures the essence of the city – historical, scenic, exciting, and fun. If you are from outside of Boston, this is a perfect reason to visit. If you live in or near Boston, you can save time and money by not having to drive hours away to an out-of-town race. This course is perfectly designed to be an anaerobic challenge, with a bike leg that only has three turns, and a flat, fast run. Make The Boston Triathlon one of your peak races in mid-summer to test your fitness, or a fun event to do with friends. It will be a blast for athletes of all abilities!

So put Boston’s only triathlon on your calendar and come race the shores of Boston this August!
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